Pamper Me Without Ice Cream

I'm getting my spa day off to an early start. Hubby is off on Army duty for the weekend, so after I dropped him off at the airport I drowned my sorrows with a little pampering rather than the huge bowl of ice cream I would normally consume in my angst over the Army having so much control over our lives.

I ended up watching Anderson Cooper 360 after smearing the mask you see above in a gooey citrusy mess all over my face. It is from The Body Shop and is absolutely awesome. When I was little I loved not wearing sunscreen so that when I got burned I could peel my skin off in sheets and look at the skin (disgusting I know). This peel helps undo some of that sun damage and when you remove it, it peels off in sheets, just like my skin used to (so satisfying). The peel is made of Antioxidant vitamin C which encourages production of collagen, improves elasticity, and protects against damaging environmental aggressors. It is made out of fruit acids of papaya, apple and pumpkin enzymes which gives it a fantastic smell as it stimulates cell renewal and cleanse pores for a dewy glow. It also comes in a small enough package that you can pack it in your carry-on to apply while you watch your pay-per-view movie in your hotel room. It feels deliciously decadent.