What Would I do for 8 Years By Myself?

 The Longevity Game by Northwestern Mutual is a tool to help estimate your needs in retirement and also for buying life insurance. For me it was a morbid exercise which convinced me that based on their actuarial tables I should eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more and lose weight in order to live past 91, but that if I do I'll spend longer and longer alone. Hubby is predicted to last till 85 and I'll stick around till 91 according to the insurance folks. *sigh* My dear, I don't want to live 8 years without you! 2 years age difference + living 6 years longer. Not sure what I would do with almost a decade to myself. Maybe I'll just enjoy life as is and get him to work out more and we'll spend the rest of our lives together. Yeah, bad plan, statistics mean nothing about actuality. Just like the fact that I flipped a coin to tails last time doesn't mean I'll get heads this time. I've just eliminated a pretty good excuse for not going to the gym this week. Oh well.