Making My Morning E-Breakfast Efficient

We share a car, saves gas, money on insurance and maintenance and gives us lots of quality time to talk in the car. Sometimes its a pain and we juggle, but manage. It's less of a big deal in the summer when we both have another set of wheels and can bike almost everywhere. For the next 5 months until it thaws though it means that I'll be stuck at work for an extra 30 minutes every day waiting. I'll probably end up working and either acquire a hefty Christmas bonus due to the extra 2.5 hours a week or I'll use the time to catch up on other things that can be handled online like paying bills, blogging (perhaps), or reading my RSS feeds. Reading RSS feeds first thing in the morning gets me caught up with the news, friends and inspired for the day, but I've found my blog roll growing to an unmanageable level. Scrolling through uninteresting posts is a waste of time. Today I was happy to discover this article on using Google Reader. It's got a few tips which have sped up my morning routine  so that I can get through all of my RSS feeds, personal e-mail and Internet chores in the half hour before everybody else shows up. Google has a FAQ with keyboard shortcuts which also make using reader more efficient.