XBOX Price Drop

Not to be outdone by Apple, Microsoft has announced that it is dropping the price of its most popular gadget, the XBox 360, by $50. Hubby hasn't really played computer or video games since he graduated from college. Mostly its because he's out of touch with the latest and greatest since leaving the dorm life. Lately he has taken to replaying old classics from the 1999-2002 era, aka the time before we were really together and he had copious amounts of spare time on his hands. I think it's about time he stopped feeling old, I mean he's only turning 27 this year! So I'm undecided between getting him an XBox or a bunch of computer games. I've never really understood the idea of console games. You pay $400.00 for a system and then you still have to buy each game at $60.00 each! This thing better also make toast and replace at least two other gadgets in our house. Undecided and in need of feedback from those who actually understand. His birthday is in two weeks.