Alaska's Primary is in August Next Year

It's very hard to get my fellow Alaskans interested in politics. They really don't care about national elections that much. We're a red state, always have been and probably always will be. The most chance a democrat has of being elected is if they run for state office. Although that chance is slim to none considering our governor has the highest approval rating of any elected Republican in office in the entire country. She is awesome, I'll admit it, and an August 2007 poll had her approval rating at 84%, with 5% disapproving. I don't suppose it helps that we have the last primary election in the union. August 26th! Really hard to feel like your vote is going to count for something when all of the big decisions and drop outs will be happening months earlier after other states have voted. I really would support a national primary election. You could vote for who you think should be the candidate rather than just the most electable one.