Spring Cure: Week 3 Landing Strip


We have never had a very organized way of getting into and out of the house. Our landing strip where we can always find our keys, the mail, my purse, and any items that need to leave the house that day is actually a jumbled mess taking up 25% of the available counter space in our kitchen. It is completely ineffective and often results in the mail spilling out onto the dining table only to be thrown into a laundry basket and transferred into an unceremonious heap in the office floor every time company is coming over. It's a good thing that I pay my bills online or my tendency to never deal with the mail would doom my credit score.

This week's action items:
  • Create a landing strip to ease the transition between the house and out. No matter what this will not be a horizontal surface.
  • Unsubscribe from mass mail to keep the paper from coming into the house in the first place. To add your name to the do-not-mail list, register online at www.dmachoice.org/dma/member/regist.action
    and www.optoutprescreen.com for credit card offers
  • Install coat hooks in entryway so we stop draping our coats over the dining room chairs
  • Buy a bench to use to put on shoes and store hats, gloves, and mittens in