Detoxing from Anderson Cooper

After spending months rushing home and flipping on the tv to veg on the political fodder for hours each night I've found the last month to be a period of almost detoxing. Instead of abstaining from alcohol, smoking, or a toxic relationship I've been cutting back on the amount of hours spent watching a combination of Anderson Cooper 360 and BBC World News and hitting reload on several news sites at work. In fact I had no idea that there was a war going on other than the two obvious ones until I heard it on the radio in between U2 and Enya (I know, what a combination!) It's probably healthier this way, but I should stay a tad better informed. I will still keep Anderson Cooper on my list of people I'd love to meet in real life, despite my psuedo crush on him Colin Firth and Timothy Dalton. Maybe I should subscribe to Time or News Week for my news, the tv and internets can suck up so much time.