What Does Your Home Say About You?

      Long time no post? Um, yeah. Got back from Europe and basically began working two jobs. I don't blog at work so since I haven't checked my e-mail or barely touched my laptop from home in 3 months the blog kind of died. 2nd job? What does an engineer need with a 2nd job? I speak figuratively. Back in April we had a flood and moved 1/2 of our household into the other 1/2. This happened in the middle of our kitchen renovation which was immediately put on hold. In September we got our contractor started on a 2 week tops (we were promised) job. Well, its the 1st week of November and we're still trying to get him back to finish stuff. All of my spare time has been spent working on the house, scraping popcorn ceiling, painting, picking colors, drooling over furniture, rewiring lighting, switches, etc. etc. etc. So home improvement took over my life. I'll have a series of DIY posts in the future.

      So what does my home say about me right now? We are in the middle of a tumultuous time in our life. People stopping by our house won't see the chaotic mess of someone who might have left the house in a hurry that morning. They get the impression of someone who was in the midst of an unsettling time, who'd yet to make peace with their new circumstances... As I read on another blog recently: "A healthy home is not a home full of the latest furnishings or decorated by the current hot designer. It's a home that says "Welcome. I am taken care of, can I take care of you?" There's a place to sit, a place to put your jacket or a bag, clean towels and extra toilet paper in the bathroom, and a clean glass to offer a visitor a glass of water. A chair has a table nearby to put down a glass, laundry and cleaning are done regularly, perhaps a light is left on for the inhabitant who comes home when it's already dark." Our home is a sick home getting healthy. We want it to say, "Stay and sit awhile." not "Get out of the construction zone!" We're getting there little by little. I better start finishing some projects or I'll never get my dream house. Hubby has already declared, "Never again!" Poor man, his healthy welcoming home that he agreed to give a small kitchen face lift has been under construction with boxes and supplies everywhere for going on 7 months.