Sarah Palin in Fairbanks

Ok, this is just strange. All the news when I got home was a bunch of reporters waiting in parkas for Sarah Palin to arrive. Hello people, its September not December, the leaves haven't even finished turning. It was colder in London when I was there. The big parkas look ridiculous! It's also a tad surreal to see all this coverage from my home-town which is actually quite small. If you took away the University and the military there would be almost nobody here.

On the way to the wedding this weekend we drove through Wasilla, just like we always do anytime we go through Anchorage. Blip, it went by in less than 10 minutes, but along the way we saw no less than 4 scrolling marquee signs with "Go Sarah!" signs on them. That is one excited town.

I keep getting questions about how we as Alaskans feel. It's not like we all vote as a block and feel the same way about things so I can only speak for myself. I'll do that post soon, when I've had a chance to digest a little more. Oh, and please stop talking about the stupid bridge to nowhere, and if you do please mention that Biden and Obama voted for the funding for the bridge and when given the option to redirect the funding to Katrina relief by Sen. Tom Coburn, they didn't do so. Palin might have originally supported it, but at least she was the one who killed it. Ok, nuff said about stupid bridge.