New Appliances!

Friday came and the new appliances arrived. It was a bit of a juggle getting the Lowes people and the Freecycle people there at the same time, but in the end it worked out great. The Lowes people even hauled the old appliances out and put them in the Freecycle people's truck with their nice dolly so labor was saved all around. The new fridge is HUGE compared to the old one and oh so shiny. Now I just need to police the fingerprints on the new stainless front! The new range is a big improvement as well. No more cooking turkey for an extra 2 hours on Thanksgiving (we hope). And it has a convection option so we just press a button and knock a few minutes off the bake times for our baked goods, handy. The new appliances are making the rest of the kitchen look like a clash between country meets modern so we'll continue to make changes. Next up, removing the wallpaper and brick backsplash to replace with paint and beautiful tile.