Kitchen (Before)

Thursday afternoon I took pictures of our current kitchen. It's not bad with fairly new cabinets and lots of space. It's not quite the right size to use our existing kitchen table so it's not currently set up as an eat-in kitchen. Rather we have a small cafe table which we use as a breakfast space/mail collection point next to our huge china cabinet. The style is a little less modern than I like, with a country vibe which we hope to change. The brick backsplash is quite ugly and the lenolium isn't the best, but its not too bad, especially when compared to some of our olive and orange apartment kitchens. The light fixture over the dining area definitely fell into the ugly category. Before I got around to taking our before pictures we had already replaced its matching brother fixture over the cooking area with this much more modern track lighting.

So, without further ado, here are our "Before" photos: