St. Patty's Day in Chicago, So What?

I spent last Friday through Sunday in Chicago at a meeting. I was kind of excited to be in the windy city for St. Patty's day, especially with a group of people my own age. Turns out the windy city was colder than Anchorage, Alaska the entire time I was there and my fall coat which I packed assuming anything would be warmer than Alaska was VERY inadequate. First thing I did was go out for a little retail therapy (a tradition any time I leave the State), buy a jacket and a scarf. I should have probably picked up a hat as well. My poor ears were frozen. As a result I ducked in and out of shops to warm my ears as I strolled the magnificent mile. Shopping with a bunch of Europeans is more fun these days. They all have different taste depending on their home country and their money is worth more so they feel like everything is on sale in the US. One of the guys lost his luggage on the way through Frankfurt so he needed new clothes, he had $100 from Lufthansa and they would reimburse 50% of whatever he spent before his clothes arrived. I worked out most of my retail therapy helping him blow some cash with Euros and a 50% discount.

I know that those who love Chicago will not be happy with me for this, but your city is not the best place to spend St. Patty's day. I was in Boston last year and New Orleans the year before and they really upstaged you guys. Sure, you dye your river green and that is pretty cool, but you totally don't know how to party. If your idea of a party is for every bar to have shamrock decorations then I guess you succeeded. I was hoping for a little less sitting around drinking and more holiday spirit. Boston had one of the worst blizzards in years last year and they still came out in droves to celebrate. We hit bars three nights in a row and they were all just sitting around with no good music and absolutely no dancing. I'm not a drinker so that was just lame. And don't try telling me I was at the wrong bars, we went to all of the ones on the top 10 list of best Irish pubs as well as those recommended by the Chicago conventions and visitors bureau for best places to celebrate St. Patty's day so your own advertising is to blame. Ultimately we found a way better bar, but by 1:30 it wasn't worth the $20 cover to get in. Surely you can do better than that in a city that big. Anyway, your shopping is great, but I don't have much to say for your Irish spirit. And what is with the lack of cabs? You can safely assume putting a few more people on shift during that particular weekend would be worthwhile. Oh well, pictures of green river forthcoming.