Easter Temptations

First comes lent, then comes Holy Week, and finally Easter. During lent temptations are easier to avoid, moral support is plentiful and people are good about not forcing you to break into the bag of Easter M&M's they are sharing. I actually got all the way through Easter without buying junk candy. Why should I pay $6.00 for mediocre dark chocolate, just because it's shaped like a bunny? I even held out and didn't buy any Cadbury eggs. These eggs are my arch-nemesis this time of year. I always promise myself just one and that leads to more. But this year I survived, I bought none. But the Easter bunny had it in for me. An innocent looking orange plastic egg was sitting on my keyboard when I got to work today. Inside was a baby Cadbury egg. I had no idea they had baby size. *sigh* For 30 seconds it was so good and now all I can think about is more. This is especially bad because Easter candy is now on sale. Where have you been my whole life, baby eggs? Now if they came in dark chocolate I would be well and truly toast in the self-control department.