Other Law School Hopeful Blogs

I have had some down time lately and rather than getting ahead on my correspondence Latin course, I've been trolling the web, looking for other people who have gone through the same pre-law school experience as me.

Yesterday I read through Amanda Beard's online journal "
One Hell" about her experiences at Catholic University Law School and it was almost enough to make me give up. Then I realized that a lot of her issues with law school came from two factors, she felt that she wasn't very good at reading, and she was returning to school after 20 years of mommyhood and was dealing with being among peers who she didn't really mesh with. As a result, she did not have a support system of fellow student. But, once Amanda realized how her needs weren't being met and transfered to another school, she apparently had a succesful law school experience and went on to graduate just fine. There is hope.

Today's blog trolling has been much more encouraging. I visited JCA's
http://www.suasponte.org/ blog and found out we had a lot in common. Young marrieds, not really sure whether law school was for us, but for some reason see the experience as a personal experiment which we cannot help but undergoing.

While JCA was faced with the situation of transfering, I am faced with the decision of possibly going to a lesser school, and trying to stand out my first year in order to transfer to school's where I don't expect to get in this year. I don't want to uproot my poor husband twice by transfering between coasts. He's already sad enough that I will have to leave AK if I want to pursue law shcool. So if I decide to go this root, I will probably try to get into a school nearby a school that I ultimately want to go to.