One in a, well...100,000

I am not unique in the fact that I am applying to law school. In fact 100,000 students do it every year. What I hope is that I'm not among the 40,000 each year who are rejected to every school that they apply to.

I actually came to apply for law school by a round-about route. Had I planned for this since freshman year I would have stuck with my perfect 4.0 GPA Russian Studies BA degree, rather than concurrently pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering. Now I'm stuck with a cumulative mesh 3.15 GPA applying to law school, which is mostly a numbers game.

I usually get one of two responses to people when I tell them I am applying to law school. They either are really excited for me and respond "Wow, we need more engineers as lawyers." or they are like "Man, you sold out, now there are even less female engineers."

At this point, after finally getting in all of my applications, I'm just happy to be done with that part of things. The waiting game has just begun for me. For most people its already late in the admissions cycle and they have many decisions back. Oh well, I'll wait and see. Hopefully I won't be forced between retaking the LSATs and applying again next year, or going to a tier 2 or tier 3 school, trying for perfect grades and then trying to transfer. I really just want to get in somewhere that's right for me, the first time around.