Addicted to TV I Can Pause

No, I didn't get a TiVo, that would just be a recipe for disastor to my career, but I am watching TV on DVD. I don't know if I have an addictive personality or what, but whenever I watch TV shows on DVD I find it difficult to stop. I watch "24" for 24 hours solid if I can. Thankfully each season of "24" is nice and self-contained. When we watched Alias, we watched all 5 seasons solid, pausing only to sleep and go to class (since we were students at the time). Now, an evil friend has loaned us the complete series of Stargate. Ten 22 episode seasons. Now this wouldn't be too bad if we were still students, but as working professionals it is a bit harder. We are now two walking zombies who eat, sleep, watch Stargate and go to work. It isn't that great of a show, but we're still addicted. As engineers we are constantly attacking their science, and hubby laughs at their getting the military parts wrong (he teases that its because they are all Air Force), and don't get me started on exposition or plot continuity, but hey there must be some reason we are still watching, must be the characters *laugh*. Heaven help us if we ever get a Tivo and can play, pause, rewind and record live TV.