And they wonder why OUR voter turnout is low

It was -50F last night and currently around -40F. MMM...and they wonder why we had such low turnout for the primary last night. We were all trying to keep warm! I did vote though. I was very happy to finally be able to put my constant political analysis to some practical use by making an informed choice. It was actually quite crazy and filled with people so our voter turnout was higher than normal although lower than expected. I guilted hubby into registering as a Republican in order to vote in the primary. He thinks it takes too much effort to caucus with the Dems, but wanted a say. They registered him at the door and I welcomed him to the party. He'll probably switch back to independent ASAP. It will be a tough decision if it comes down to Obama v. McCain. I never thought I'd vote for a democrat, but I like what he has to say.