Vegas Plans or Lack Thereof

I wanted to do my typical travel plan of making a list of places to go, mapping it all out, printing out directions, show times, reservation info, etc. When I'm travelling by myself this works out well. I carry a small travel journal with key info like museum times, metro stops, and a folded walking map in it and then I set out first thing in the morning on the first day after a nice big breakfast. In Chile this worked out well the first day because I was by myself and I saw a lot of things. The next two days this didn't work out well because everybody else decided they wanted to tag along and make me tour guide because they thought they would get more out of it. You'll only get more out of this if having a plan and following it is a style of vacationing that works for you. If you lag behind the tour leader and the plan ends up going out the window she might not be happy. In the end I didn't see everything I planned to in Chile, but I had a lot of fun with friends and saw some things that were awesome and not part of the plan because I stayed flexible and just went with the flow. My plan came in handy though because whenever we were in an area I knew what restaurants were nearby, what times things were open and how to get back to the hotel from anywhere.

For Vegas I wanted to create my plan, make a list of available entertainment, times, etc. Hubby wants me to throw the plan out the window. Print out the flight and hotel confirmation codes, pack a variety of clothes with no specific outfits for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, pack a credit card and just go. He wants to have no plan, but to just go with the flow the whole time. This being Vegas and there being very few "must-see" things I may go against the very fiber of my being and go along with him. I usually end up having fun when I give up the plan. On the other hand I feel like I wasted so much time during my trip to Paris last year hanging out with people rather than seeing things. *sigh* Must fight retentiveness, must be cool, flexible, awesome wife who is just fun to be around. Wish me luck.